Bridgeview United Methodist Church
Thursday, May 24, 2018



Membership in the Bridgeview United Methodist Church
We welcome you to the Bridgeview United Methodist Church.  It is our prayer that you would encounter God as we are in community together.  We are glad to include you in our family of faith, to share with you the Good News of Jesus Christ, and surround you with care.  You are welcome to share worship, teaching, and supportive Christian community in our church family; whether or not you are a full member.  When you are ready to commit to a deeper level of involvement, we welcome and encourage your membership.  
If you have any questions about Baptism, Membership, or Profession of Faith, or just want to know more about Bridgeview UMC, please contact the office at 405-307-9611 or
How to join by transfer from another United Methodist Church:
Members of other United Methodist Churches are accepted by a letter of transfer.  It is not necessary for you to contact your former church; we will handle all the details of your transfer.  Please let the office know of your intent to transfer, and then come forward at the end of a worship service.
How to join by transferring from another Christian denomination:
A member in good standing in any Christian denomination who has been baptized, and who desires to unite with the United Methodist Church, shall be received as either a baptized or professing member.  You will be asked the following question:  As a member of Christ's Universal Church, will you be loyal to Christ through the United Methodist Church, and do all in your power to strengthen its ministries? 
All members of Bridgeview UMC are asked to covenant together to support this church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.
How to join by Baptism and /or Profession of Faith:
Baptism is a sacrament or sign of God's acceptance of you.  This is the place to begin the Christian journey.  Either before baptism or following baptism,  or if one was baptized at a previous time, but never joined the church, the new disciple publicly professes this new faith by answering some questions.
If you are wanting to be baptized, or join by profession of faith, or if you would like for your child to be baptized, please contact the office to meet with the pastor to discuss Baptism and what it all means. 

We hope that you might find a home here at Bridgeview United Methodist Church.